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Motor Insurance

Any type of insurance be it Term Insurance, Health Insurance or Motor Insurance can have huge benefits for the policyholder. Each insurance type provides a much needed financial cushion at various stages, aspects of life. At ‘The Wealth Bazaar’ we have tried to compile a detailed go-to-resource for all insurance related questions that you may have. Not only do these articles cover all aspects of insurance but would also help you make an informed purchase decision and allow you to select a insurance policy that best meet your needs.

Motor Insurance:

Motor insurance is a mandate and having an active motor insurance can save you from deep financial crises in case of an accident. There are difference factors that need to be considered while buying a motor insurance - being aware of terms like zero depreciation car insurance, insured declared value etc. would provide you a good idea of the insurance landscape and what it has to offer. Armed with this information you should be able to purchase the best car insurance or a two wheeler insurance at the lowest premium possible.

Please do bear in mind that aiming for the lowest premium should not necessarily be your goal. Your capability to bear unforeseen financial expenditure should drive your decision to either choose a third party or comprehensive insurance.

If you feel that you are currently paying a higher premium and are looking to change or just renew your car insurance then the ‘Car Insurance Renewal Explained’ article should help.

Health Insurance:

In its simplified form Health Insurance related to a policy that takes care of your medical expenses in case of hospital admittance. Please note here the term ‘hospital admittance’ excludes any hospital stay that maybe required for observation only or for diagnosis purposes.

Buying health insurance can be tricky and you may end up being over or under insured if you do not have the correct understanding of what it entails. Furthermore terms like assured sum, claims, claim ratio, etc. can make the buying the policy best suited for you a daunting task

The Wealth Bazaar intends to simplify the process of selecting the best policy, for its readers, by presenting a detailed look into the types of health insurances available, riders/add-on that can help you customize the policy to your needs and much more.

At any point if you feel the need to ask us any questions please do so in the comments section below the articles.

Term Insurance:

Terms Insurance is a nifty policy for anyone that is looking for a life insurance cover at low premiums. The tricky part about this insurance is that it is valid only for a stipulated period of time. In a scenario where the policyholder expires when the policy is active then the claim benefits a paid out however if the policyholder outlives the policy then no amount is paid out

Having a clear understanding of the factor related to ‘term insurance’ like types of insurance, difference between term and whole life insurance, advantages and disadvantage, etc. should help you select the policy best suited for you needs.

Fire Insurance:

Insurance against a totally unpredictable catastrophe such as fire can be a major business saver. Before purchasing a fire insurance it is important to understand the types of damages that are covered. Also having a general understanding of which policy add-ons to invest in can drastically increase the payout you get.

Also outlined are the procedure and documents required to successfully file a claim.

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